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Through To You

Title: Through To You
Author: Emily Hainsworth
Pages: 264
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Year Published : 2012
Price:  USD 8.51 via The Book Depository

What if parallel world really exist?

In the world where Camden Pike lives, his life is a mess. He had lost his popularity after an accident happened at the football field made him limp and leave the football team. He also had lost his girlfriend, Viv, in a car accident. His parents are already separating and his mother seems to be drowned in her work. There is nothing left in Cam's life.

One day, a strange girl named Nina appears and acts like she knows Cam. It turns out that Nina comes from another version of Cam's world. There is a dimensional gate open near Viv's shrine. In Nina's world, Cam and Nina are best friends, while in Cam's world he doesn't even know Nina at all, and Viv is still alive. Cam is curious to see what it is like to be in Nina's world, and how it feels to be able to be together with Viv again so that he decides to cross the gate to Nina's world.

Will Cam be able to find his Viv? Will they be able to be together again despite the different dimension they are living in?

Stories about parallel world always attract me. I am a person who often questioning "what if I did that instead of this?", "what if I decided to go that way, instead of this way?" and others similar to those questions. It's not that I'm a regretful person, but it's kinda fun to think that maybe I can have a different life if I took different decisions toward choices that came to me in the past. And to think that maybe there is another version of me (or so many versions of me) out there who took different choices to mine, it makes me curious too. So when I read this story, I kinda think that I can relate to Cam so much, although my life is not as tragic as his.

Honestly, I like the idea of Through To You. Although it is basically more to teenage romance than the science fiction novel (well, there is no explanation about why the gate exists there and no physics or whatever theory about parallel world mentioned in the novel), I think that this novel offers something new and fresh to me. It also makes me thankful to the life I'm in. The story is not bubbly and colorful at all. Instead it is dark and depressing but Emily Hainsworth did a pretty good job in voicing Cam's heart and thought and the twist is good.

Unfortunately, I think that the story is too short. If only there were more pages. I need more explanation about Cam and Viv's past in Cam's world and also the story of Cam and Nina in Nina's world. I need to feel more chemistry among the characters.

However, I feel satisfied of this novel. I enjoyed the story and hope to read more of Emily Hainsworth's writings in the future. I recommend this book to you who often feel dissatisfied of your current life also to you who, like me, often imagine what it will be like if parallel worlds really exist and we can jump across to one of them.


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