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Title: Gio (5th Street #2)
Author: Elizabeth Reyes
Year Published: 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Price: USD 11.99 (Paperback) or USD 2.99 (E-Book). Buy it via Amazon

Giovanni Bravo (Gio) had decided to stop boxing after his opponent died from aneurism at the ring during the fight. When Felix Sanchez, one of Gio's close friends who was currently a welterweight champ and celebrity, asked him to be one of his trainer up on Big Bear mountain, Gio agreed. Two months training his friend in new environment felt like a great idea... Until he met Felix's girlfriend and also Gio's former classmate, Bianca.

Gio always remembered the sweet, innocent, doe-eyed Bianca and he had always had feeling for her but had never dared to make a move because he was too afraid to hurt her. And now, standing in front of him was still the same sweet, innocent, and doe-eyed Bianca but the more mature and sexier one. Gio couldn't resist the feeling he felt inside every time he saw Bianca and spent time with her. Things got more heated up when Gio also found out that Bianca actually had the same feeling as him.

Between his growing feeling toward Bianca and his loyalty to his close friend, what would Gio choose? Would he sacrifice his friendship for a girl?

This is not what I expected to read at first. I thought it would be as sweet and fun as Noah but it turned out to be a quite frustrating read. It's not that this book is written poorly. No, it's definitely not. It's just that because I've never agreed in cheating, especially cheating your own close friend. That's why I don't feel connected with both Gio and Bianca. Even when I read the romantic parts and realized that Gio and Bianca were made for each other. Even when I read about how jerk Felix was toward Bianca. Things about Gio and Bianca were just wrong for me.

However, I still enjoy reading this book. I love reading about the boys from 5th Street's friendship and I think Elizabeth Reyes did a great job in portraying how boys interact with each other. My favorite character is still Noah and from this book, I can really see that, despite his young age, he's the most mature among the boys, even compared to Felix who is older than him. I love how Noah got big part in this book and also Roni's and Nellie's appearance. I love Roni and Nelly! I also love how the boys didn't turn their back after knowing what Gio did to Felix. They decided not to choose which side they were in. That's what true friend supposed to do.

Overall, I still can say that I like this book and hope that I can read the 3rd one soon. I can't wait to read Hector because in this book, the readers are already given some hint about Hector's story (I think) and I kinda feel that his story will be more teenage-ish fun and romantic.

Recommended for romance readers who love hot sexy masculine Latino hero and are ok with stories about cheating.

Thanks to Elizabeth Reyes for giving me Gio e-book for free.

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  1. Kalo sampe bikin ikutan frustasi berarti penulisnya pinter nih~ tapi utk aku ga deh, haha, aku nyari yg enjoy dan menyenangkan :P

    1. Menyenangkan sih Ky.. maksudnya.. kan romance ya. Tapi karena ini kan nyeleweng ya.. trus di tempat cowok yang diselewengin pula, jadinya tegang bener... kakakak


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