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The Lovesick Cure

Title: The Lovesick Cure
Author: Pamela Morsi
Publish Date: August 21, 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Mira
Price: USD 6.79 in The Book Depository

Jesse Winsloe came to Marrying Stone, Ozark, Arkansas with her heart broken. Her fiance dumped her and married another woman. She also lost her job as a teacher (in a school where her ex-fiance was the headmaster). She lived with her old Aunt Will, the former traditional-healer, who tried to help her fixing her broken heart. Funny incident caused by Aunt Will's Lovesick Cure, brought Jesse to meet Piney Baxley, a local physician's assistant, who apparently was the former Aunt Will's Lovesick Cure user too. Piney was a single father whose son, Tree, hooked up with Jesse's relative, Camryn. Jesse, then, had an affair with Piney.

Jesse never expected before that living in a small town could be this interesting. But what would Jesse do next, after she found out that her heart had already cured? Would she stay or go to her real life?


First, thanks to Harlequin Mira for providing me the e-copy for this book.

This book is such an entertaining and thoughtful book to read. I didn't expect that this book would be like this when I decided to request it in NetGalley. I thought it would be more romance but it turned out to be focusing more on family matters rather than romance. But not that it's bad. It's actually what makes me love this book more. The story wasn't shallow at all and the characters were lovable and unique. It really brings something new to me.

Aunt Will totally owned the book as everything is centered to her. She's such a quirky and smart old woman and I feel like I want her to be my grandma. If there is a Book Boyfriend List, now I want to make a Book Grandma List and put her name only on the list. It's good to see her relationship with all the other main characters: Jesse, Piney, Tree, and Camryn. Yes, I consider all 5 of them (including Aunt Will) as main characters of this book since all of their stories are the focus of this book. I also like Tree. He might be only 17 but he's so mature and I love him so much for being so responsible to his dad and also his girlfriend, Camryn. And the last basketball match scene.. OMG I can't love him more!!

This book has a great story, but I found that some part of it a bit boring. Sometimes I found so many descriptions that could be made shorter to avoid boredom, like about Jesse's daily activities in Onery Cabin and Camryn's anxiety. I also expected for more romance scene between the main characters, and at least a more romantic ending but I didn't get that in this book.

Overall, I would like to recommend this book to all girls out there, adult and teenagers. I hope that this book can be translated to Indonesian.

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  1. Ueeh, selamat dapet dari netgalley :D
    Hihihi,Harlequin identik ma romance menye2 yah? Ga bisa nyalahin sih, tapi line dia kan ada banyak sekarang :D

    1. hihi.. iya akhirnya.. Iya, baru tau juga Harlequin punya young adult juga. Yang Confessions of an Angry Girl jg dari Harlequin

  2. aku juga baru tahu klo Harlequin ada genre YA nya. kayaknya menarik nih buku. Nungguin 2ndnya ah :D

    1. hihi pecinta 2nd ya mbak? Ini bukunya aja blom terbit. Lama deh. hehe

  3. ak juga baru tahu kalo ada YA harlequin, hahaha kayaknya seru nih, udah ada g ya YA harlequin yg diterjemahin?


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