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Confessions of an Angry Girl

Title: Confessions of an Angry Girl
Author: Louise Rozett
Publish Date: August 28, 2012
Publisher: HarlequinTEEN
Price: USD 8.49 in The Book Depository (still pre-order)

What the book is about:

Rose Zarelli is angry. Why? Here's the reasons:
  1. Her father passed away last summer in Iraq and now, her mother is drowned into her work and her brother, who is already in college, seems like having his own life (and girl friend).
  2. She's just started high school but she already made all of the school hate her, thanks to the 911 incident.
  3. Her best friend, Lindsay, who is now having a boyfriend, cannot stop talking about sex sex and sex. Plus, she's joining the cheerleader squad.
  4. Her other best friend, Robert, feels like being only Rosie's friend is not enough. He wants more.
  5. Rosie's crush, a Junior named Jamie Forta, was also a boyfriend of school's number one bitch named Regina.
  6. Regina finds out about Rosie-Jamie thing and decides to put Rosie at the top of her Enemy List.
Everything seems wrong in Rose's life currently. Everybody is leaving her behind and all she can feel is misery. Will she be able to fight back and enjoy her freshman year?

What I feel after reading this book:

Thanks NetGalley and HarlequinTEEN
for giving me opportunity to read and review this book. So glad I chose to request this book before.

I love this book.
I think this is a book that every younger teenagers (age 12-15) can relate to. It really portrays the reality of the younger teenagers who are in the transition from kids to young adult. Things suddenly become more complicated and people seems to leave you behind. This is a moment that I once felt too when I was about Rosie's age.
I love Rosie's character. She's actually a nice and clever girl and she deserves nice things but.. It's just that she is currently in her down side of her life. Everything is a mess and nothing works as she wants it to work. But hey, she's a tough girl and she will be able to pass it all. I think she's a good example for teenagers out there about how to be brave and strong and survive.

This is maybe a debut novel from Louise Rozett but it doesn't feel like reading a debut novel at all. Her writing is so smooth and it captures Rosie's mind realistically. Kinda reminding me of Sarah Dessen's writing. Of course it is good since I think that Sarah Dessen is very great in capturing teenagers' mind and problems.

Really anticipating for Louise Rozett's next work, the sequel to this book: Confessions of An Almost Girlfriend. And I hope this book will also be translated in Indonesian since we can totally learn something from this book.

Recommended for all teenagers out there. This book is totally about you.

7 komentar:

  1. pengen buku ini, semoga diterjemahkan, ceritanya remaja banget :)

    1. Iya. issue-nya remaja banget. Suka kesian ngeliat Rosie dijahatin terus, dan seneng pas akhirnya Rosie berani ngelawan. Penasaran sama nasibnya di sophomore year-nya.

  2. Wow! Thank you for such a great review!

    1. thanks to you to. Your book is awesome.

  3. aku blm pernah baca buku dari genre ini tp kayaknya yg ini bagus. covernya eyes-catching!! pengen nyoba. sayangnya buku ini hrs nunggu puluhan buku lainnya utk dibaca terlebih dahulu di to-read list ku

  4. Judul sama cover-nya menarik banget. Kapan coba ini diterjemahin~


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