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Catching Jordan

Title: Catching Jordan
Author: Miranda Kenneally
Year Published: 2010
Pages: 281
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Price: - (got this for free from friend)

Jordan Woods breathes football. Her father is an NFL player. Her brother, Mike, is also a football player in his university. And Jordan.. She is the Captain of her highschool football team. Wait. She? Yes no typo error here. Jordan is a girl. But she's so talented and tough. And her teammates respect her. Her dream is to join University of Alabama's football team as a quarterback (QB). Unfortunately the path of her dream is not smooth. It's so difficult for a girl to join a football team which is a manly sport and very rough. Many people underestimate her, including her father, who never appears on any Jordan's game.

However, Jordan still has Henry, her fellow teammate and also her best friend for 10 years. Henry always supports her and believes in her. Including when a new boy, Ty, arrived and her other teammates believe that all Ty wants is to steal Jordan's position as quarterback. Jordan, for the first time, fell in love with Ty although she refuses to admit it at first:

"I can’t date a guy who’s on my team. Especially not a rival for my position."

After Jordan finally hooks up with Ty (with the help of Henry), surprisingly Henry becomes strange. He grows distant with Jordan. At first, Jordan thinks it is because Henry still hurt from his last break up with Carrie but later she finds out that Henry actually have loved her since so long:

“Jordan, he’s loved you forever. It’s obvious. Have you not seen how he stares at you?” 
“No…he’s just…Henry.”

Jordan loses her focus as she is torn between Henry and Ty. Her way to go to University of Alabama becomes rougher and rougher. 

How's Jordan's life next? Will she be able to reach her dream?

This book is addictive. Cannot stop it once i read it. I really hope that this book has no end.
The characters here are awesome. Really love Jordan, Henry, and Ty as well as the team mates and cheerleaders. All characters are strong and unique so that all seems so real. I love Henry so much for his careness for Jordan but i don't like his womanizer attitude. I also love Ty with his past and responsibility. He really reminds me of Sam from Glee.

My favorite part of the book is when Jordan and Henry got a project where they had to take care a baby doll and Jordan wanted to be the father and Henry the mother. Henry was so cute with his seriousness in taking care the baby. 
The story.. ?? Totally OSMness!! Glad i read this book. Any clue on when the Indonesian version is out? Has any publisher bought the rights to publish it in Indonesia? Surely gonna buy and read it one more time. Or maybe more.

Aaand... some nice quotes from this book *I've posted it on my twitter already*:

You don’t need anyone’s permission to do what you love. You should just do it.

Sometimes you have to give something up to get something better.

After reading this book, i browsed the internet and found out that the rights for filming this book has been sold. So, maybe we'll be able to watch the movie. I hope the movie will be as great as the book. I already imagined the cast of Jordan, Henry, and Ty.

Jordan >> Blake Lively 
(because I love her playing Bridget in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. A sporty tomboy, but the gorgeous one!)
Henry >> Zach Gilford 
(because I love him as Matt Saracen, the QB1 in Friday Night Lights series. In FNL, he's a sweet guy but there was a moment when he became playboy after broke up with Julie. Resembles much right?)
Ty >> Taylor Kitsch
(Weeell.. He's hot. And Ty is supposed to be all perfect, like Taylor. And Taylor was so sexy in jersey. mwahahaha)

Zach as Henry, Blake as Jordan, Taylor as Ty
Oh well.. I think I've talked too much.

I recommend it to anyone, whether a sports maniac or not. The story is awesome and very fun to read.

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  1. love Henry too... :)

    1. Iyaaa baik bangettt. Tapi playboynya itu lho halah2. Blom ada terjemahan Indonya nii

  2. wuaaaaaah ini juga ada di wishlistku ><
    pengen banget baca ini, lagian tumben kamu kasi rating tinggi, haha =p
    Have to own this book soon, lagi butuh yang contemporary2 ><

    1. Iya seru banget soalnya Cha ceritanya. Bener2 ga bisa stop baca sampe selesai. Penasaran banget sama filmnya.aku skarang juga lagi mood sama contemporary ya nih.

  3. theme bolognya ganti :)
    yang jadi Henry kayaknya cocok ^^

    1. Haha. Soalnya udah bulan Juni mbak. Rencananya aku mau ganti layout tiap bulan, tapi cape juga ternyata.

      Aku pengen banget Zach Gilford jadi Henry. Masalahnya dia umurnya udah 30 tahun sekarang. hahahaha... Ketuaan buat meranin anak SMA. Moga2 filmnya nanti castnya bagus.


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