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Twisted Perfection

Title: Twisted Perfection (Perfection #1)
Author: Abbi Glines
Year Published: 2013
Format: Ebook
Price: USD 3.99 (Purchased via Smashwords)

This is the story about Woods Kerrington, my favourite character in Fallen Too Far. Yes, I don't like Fallen Too Far but Woods was able to steal my attention there and I really am so glad that he can have his own story and maann... This is so sexy! I love him being involved in some hot and steamy love story!!

Basically the story is about Woods, an heir to the Kerrington family who owned a country club at Rosemary Beach. He'd had never seriously in love with a girl, although he sure had played with girls a lot. Until he found Della Sloane. Della was in the middle of her road trip when she and Woods met at the gas station. Their encounter then followed by a hot and unforgetable one-night-stand.

Della knew that she would never be able to forget Woods after that night but she also knew that she probably would only meet Woods once in her lifetime. She needed to have a road trip to help her recover from her trauma caused by her mentally ill mother. After some incident with the owner of the bar she was working at, Della was sent to Rosemary by her friend, Tripp, to work with his friend who owned the country club there.

In Rosemary, Woods met Della again. But now, he was engaged to Angelina, the girl his family had chosen, and Della was his employee. But how could Woods resist Della when he'd already known her addictive taste?

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Oohkay. First, I'm still not used to reading love stories where physical connection between the hero and heroine gets more portion than emotional connection. That's why I still find that erotica is not my cup of tea. Btw, is this book's genre Romance or Erotica? I'm still blur about genres thingy. However, as long as I find the whole storyline interesting, I still can manage to enjoy it.

And this is what happens to Twisted Perfection: I like it. I like it more than Fallen Too Far. I like both Della and Woods. Della had this traumatizing past and she tried to move on so hard by enjoying her time being independent and learning what she couldn't learn in her past. That's why, the idea of having a one-night-stand with a sexy man she met at the gas station didn't hesitate her at all. But she was also a strong girl who didn't get broken easily. She was mature and independent. Wood on the other hand was kinda.. well, he's still attached to his family a lot. He found Della very addictive and he wanted to be with her so bad but still he wasn't ready to throw his future as an heir of his family business. Readers of Fallen Too Far should have known that Woods was very serious about his business and really worked so hard so that he really deserved all the fortune his family had. His dilemma is very interesting to read. 

For readers who are searching for a light and quick read and don't mind reading a huge portion of explicit sex scenes, this book is pretty enjoyable. But for my personal taste, however, I still want more of emotional connection between Woods and Della. This book is also a part of the series. I hope in the second book I will be able to enjoy Woods and Della's relationship more.

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  1. Aku suka karya2 Abbi glines, pas baca serial too far pun suka banget.... :)


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