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Fallen Too Far

Title: Fallen Too Far
Author: Abbi Glines
Year Published: 2013
Pages: 123
Format: Smashwords E-Book
Price USD 0.99 (buy the copy at Smashwords)

Blaire had spent years taking care of her sick mother. And after her mother died, leaving Blaire alone, Blaire decided to go to Rosemary Beach, Florida to live with her father. After Blaire's twin sister, Valerie, died in a car accident, her father left her and her mother and now had been married to another woman. What greeted her as soon as she arrived at her father's new wife's house was the fact that her father and his new wife was having a holiday trip and the only one who was home was her rich, sexy, and bad temperament step brother, Rush Finlay.

At first, Blaire thought that Rush hated her, since he was a rich boy and party a lot (and also had sex A LOT) and Blaire was nothing but an intruder in his big and luxurious house. Rush was everything that Blaire wasn't and they really had nothing in common. But what Blaire didn't know was the fact that Rush actually had been attracted to her and wanted to taste her since the first time she stepped into his house. Blaire knew that she must stay away from Rush but how could she resist this guy's dangerous charm?

What would happen next to Blaire?

Oh Blaire, sweet Blaire...

This book really makes me speechless, but not in a good way. I know that many people praise this book and its sequel, Never Too Far, so much so that I decided to buy it when I saw that this book was only USD 0.99 on Smashwords but sorry, not with me. The thing is.. It feels like I re-read Beautiful Disaster when I read this book. They are too similar and, honestly, I like Beautiful Disaster a lot more than this. I think Jamie McGuire did greater job in building her characters in Beautiful Disaster because although Travis and Abby's love story felt so wrong to me, I still could manage understanding them. How they, in their dysfunctional way, completed each other. But in this book.. I don't even like Rush Finlay and I really cannot understand what kind of man he really was. I also think that Blaire really had something wrong in her brain. With her past like that, how could she throw herself to Rush like that? If I were her, I would have left Rush and have chosen Woods instead (YAY TEAM WOODS!). Who is Woods? Well, you have to read the story to find out. He was the nicest guy in the story, in my opinion.

The story was too short and dominated by sex scenes (really, am I reading an erotica? Is New Adult really this extreme?). Readers are not given quite enough pages to learn more about the characters, the main and the secondary, especially Nannette, Rush's sister who hated Blaire so much because of the reason that made this book a part of a series. Series? Yup. The 2nd installment, Never Too Far, has been released but still no news about the 3rd. Instead, the spin-off story about Woods and a girl will be released soon. But am I interested in reading the next books? I don't think so. Okay this book has a cliffhanger ending so what? I don't think I want to know more about Blaire and Rush's story.

Am I being to harsh? Well, I'm just trying to be as honest as possible. And honestly I am bored and disappointed with this book. Other than the sex lesson, I don't think this book has any good remarks for me. And back to the similarities this book has to the other books, I think I also have to mention Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. What's with the "Don't come closer, I am very dangerous to you" and "You smell and taste so sweet" lines?

Oh please!

This is a veeeerrryy subjective review. And as I have said before, so many readers praise this book. Maybe I'm just a rare case. If you still want to read this book after reading this review, go ahead please. You have your own judgement. I'm just giving mine here. Peace (^_^)

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  2. heeee... not so good, eh?

    padahal tadinya udah jadi waiting list next book to read, tapi klo berasa "been there, done that" jadi agak males juga... karena entah kenapa akhir2 ini tema beberapa buku jadi mirip2, walaupun ceritanya gak jelek2 amat, tapi klo berasanya kaya' udah pernah baca... mau gak mau, jadi agak kecewa juga ya setelahnya ;-)

    1. Tapi yang suka novel ini cukup banyak. Mungkin emang bukan seleraku ya.

  3. Aku cukip suka serial too far ini.... emang si menurutku Rush itu awalnya playnoy gmn gt... tp sweet ending ^^


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