Rabu, 01 Mei 2013

Top Ten on Tuesday

Actually today is already Wednesday here in Indonesia but...You want to know me better do you? ^_^

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Today's topic is:


  1. I have 4 dogs. Two older ones, I named them after my favourite Korean pop stars: Chulie from Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul and Sunny from SNSD's Sunny. They have 2 children (Well actually 5 but I only keep 2) and I named them after my favourite Batak dishes: Arsik and Tuktuk. Batak is one of many Indonesian tribes and I am 1/4 Bataknese.
  2. I love Super Junior and already watched their performance for 3 times: Super Show 3 in Singapore, SM Town in Jakarta, and Music Bank in Jakarta. I love their songs Love U More and My All is in You. My bias is Kim Heechul. He's one of a kind.
  3. I love pink but other people think I love orange since most of my stuffs are orange. But hey, I paint my bedroom wall pink!
  4. I love reading teenage novels so much! My favorite authors are Miranda Kenneally and Sitta Karina (Indonesian author). I prefer buying books to clothes. Really.
  5. I have this dinosaur doll made from Batik fabric named Didi. Didi the Dinosaur! And I put him on my office's desk. My office friends often hide Didi or hang him somewhere just to make me scream and panic. I know we're childish. Ehehe..
  6. I've already had driving license for 8 years now but I can't say I can drive. I learned to drive when I was 17 and after that I often drove to many places but currently I love using public transport more because Jakarta's traffic is unbelievable!! It's the worst you can imagine. The last time I tried to drive again, it was a mess and I hit another car on the parking lot. Err...
  7. I am an only child but I feel okay with it. Yes, I am a loner. I don't mind eating my lunch or going somewhere alone.
  8. I love watching fireworks. The last time I watched it was in October 2011. I want to see it again
  9. I name most of my stuffs. My violin's name is Paijo. My older laptop's name is Bianca (because she is white!) and my netbook is Happy because she's a Hewlett Packard.. HP = Happy!
  10. I love watching Friday Night Lights series and my favorite character is Matt Saracen, played by Zach Gilford. Yep, not Riggins.
That's all about me. What's yours?

7 komentar:

  1. kebiasaan lo nomor 9 persis sama kaya gue na, hahhahaha

    1. Mwahaha... Apaan aja yang dinamain Gus?

  2. aku juga Batak lho mbak huahahaha. :D

  3. I'm an only child too and I feel totally ok with it! Being an only child is fun :D

    1. yep. makanya bosen banget kalo orang nanya "Anak tunggal? Nggak kesepian?" meeh

  4. Aku juga suka namain barang2ku, na. Dari barang besar semacam tempat tidur ampe barang remeh macam kaos kaki :))


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