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Star Crossed

Title: Star Crossed (Stargazer #1)
Author: Jennifer Echols
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Year Published : 2013
Pages: 375
Price: USD 7.59 at The Book Depository // Rp. 98.000 at Opentrolley Indonesia 

This is the first Adult-Romance book that Jennifer Echols writes and it tells about a celebrity PR named Wendy, who is nearly fired from her agency. The bosses then ordered her to handle Lorelei Vogel's case as her final bet.

Lorelei Vogel is a talented young starlet. She is talented in acting and singing but after broke up with Colton Farr, another young talented artist and her co-star in a teenage series, she began to lose her self control and her concert tour is on the edge of cancellation. Wendy must fly to Las Vegas to fix this problem, which means she also have to meet Colton, the handsome artist who reminds her of her abusive ex, and Daniel Blackstone, Colton's PR who is also Wendy's arch nemesis since college.

Fixing Lorelei's problem means cooperating with Daniel since Lorelei's act is due to her relationship with Colton. Wendy's is forced to spend most of her time in Vegas with Daniel, making strategy to help their celebrities. As they spend time together making strategy, Wendy finds out that Daniel is not as bad person as she thought before. But then, something strange starts to happen. Wendy's hair keep missing and one night, she is attacked by a mysterious person. Wendy's life is in dangerous.

Who is Wendy's attacker? What will happen to Wendy's career?

This book doesn't work for me. Which makes me surprised. I love Jennifer's former book, Such a Rush. It was such a perfect book. I mean, the characters were well developed. I really can understand Leah's mind although sometimes I disagreed with her decision. The details that Jennifer put into the story.. about the aviation things, the supporting characters, the memory of Mr. Hall in his twins' mind.. They are perfectly explored and written. But in Star Crossed, there are no such things. The characters are not fully developed. The romance is too instant and too technical without enough chemistry. And the description of PR world is so shallow. On top of all, the main conflict is.. lame.

If only Lorelei and Colton were given more portion.. If only Daniel's and Wendy's college time were given more portion..

 It feels like Such a Rush and Star Crossed are written by two different authors. Where's the brilliant Jennifer Echols whom I knew before?

I've only managed to read this book until page 340 until I decided to give up and skimmed the remaining pages until the end. I've completely lost my interest. D'uh.

Why oh why, Mrs. Echols?

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  1. Aku justru lagi struggling banget nih kak baca Such a Rush. Baru sampe halaman 60-an tapi udah bosen dan susah banget rasanya mau ngelanjutin... :"

    1. Hihi emang agak ga jelas depannya. Bukannya kebanyakan novel2 Contemporary YA gitu ya? Boring di depan tapi baru berasa bagusnya pas mulai tengah dan setelah abis dibaca..


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