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Title:  Shattered
Author: Elizabeth Lee
Year Published: 2012
Price: E-Book USD 2.99 // Paperback USD 9.99 (Amazon) (Barnes & Noble)

Alyssa, Garrett, and Jesse once were best friends. Since her seventh grade, Alyssa had found the boys as her sanctuary from her strict mother and ignorant father. With them, Alyssa had very good times and also felt loved. Garrett was like her own big brother and Jesse... Although they fought a lot, Alyssa loved him more than friend. One day, she decided to confess her feeling to Jesse but the accident that happened after that soon changed their friendship forever.

Nine months later, Alyssa felt left alone and torn, since Garrett passed away and Jesse left her to Florida. Alyssa often blamed herself for Garrett's death. Alyssa then tried to use drugs and alcohol to forget her pain. She became wild and flirting with the town's notorious bad boy, Collin Smolder.

Jesse Vaughn finally came back to Harrington, realized that maybe his decision to leave Alyssa nine months ago was a mistake. He decided to confess his feeling to Alyssa. But what he found was not the same Alyssa as he used to know before.

Would Jesse be able to change Alyssa back to her true self? Would they finally be together?

This is such a complete young adult novel. It's fun, tear-jerking, and also romantic. I love this novel so much!! Thank you Elizabeth Lee for giving me a free e-book for this novel. And also thank you for writing it. 

The friendship Alyssa had with the boys is a type of friendship that can make people envy of it. They were so close to each other and they really care for each other. The boys treated Alyssa like a princess and Garrett was the sweetest. It was very contrast to what Alyssa had at her home. Her mother never truly care of her and all she thought about was her reputation. It even worse after the accident because her mother never really cared about her and only suggested Alyssa to take all the drugs from the psychiatrist. Alyssa's father didn't help at all because he was too drowned to his work. That's why, everything that Alyssa felt and did after the accident feels so real. I can totally understand how torn she was and how she wanted to forget everything by doing all those stupid actions.

After Jesse came back, the interaction between him and Alyssa soon became so intense as Alyssa was such a drama queen and Jesse was so stubborn. Jesse tried so hard to take Alyssa back to her true self but Alyssa fought it by doing things that she knew would make Jesse angry at her. They argued and fight a lot although deep down inside they still had feelings to each other. As the time went by, both tried to cope with their past and forgive each other as well as themselves.

Told in two POVs, Alyssa's and Jesse's, this book makes the reader can easily understand the story through two different perspectives. 

Besides the beautifully written story, I think the message this book has is great. People deals with pain and regret every day and not all in this world are so clear so that we can easily point what's wrong or right or what's the cause for something that happens. But it's important to keep going and try to learn from our mistakes as we continue our journey.

Overall, I recommend this to all young adult lovers. This book is great and I think you should give it a try.

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To find out more about the author, you can visit her blog HERE.

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