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On The Island

Title: On The Island
Author: Tracey Garvis Graves
Year Published: 2011
Publisher: Plume
Price: Rp. 155.000 (Periplus)

The Story:
Anna Emmerson, 30 years old, never thought that her decision in taking a tutoring job for a 16 years old kid who had just cured from lymphoma would cause her stranded in some deserted island in Maldives. Just with T.J., her teenage student. It was after their pilot, Mick, had a heart attack and made their plane crashed to the sea.

At first, both were still hoping that rescuers would come and help them. But as the days went by and then weeks, and months, and years, they realized that maybe people out there had already forgotten them, or thought that they were already died.

So many things happened when Anna and T.J. were on the island. Not only difficulties but also happiness. T.J. gradually grew up from a skinny and bald teenager to be a strong and healthy young man. And when there was no one else on the island except Anna and T.J., would it be wrong to fall in love with each other despite of their 13 years gap?

What would happen next? Would T.J. and Anna be able to go out from the island? Will there be any future for their love?

My Thought on This Book:

Gosh! I really like this book so much! I really love how Tracey Garvis Graves wrote the story and especially her decision to use both Anna's and T.J.'s point of view alternately in every chapter. It really made me understand how both main characters thought about their condition on the island and also the growing feeling the main characters feel toward each other. I also love reading what happened on the island during Anna and T.J.'s stay. The shark, the dengue fever, the Chicken *she's my favorite chicken!*, and also the dolphins. Although life could be very tough on the island, I still envy them for finding their own heaven on earth. Talking about stranded in Maldives.. MALDIVES.. MALDIIIVVVEESSS!!!! I WANT TO GO THERE TOO!!! *okay, calm down, Na.*

I love both the main characters. Anna was so mature but sometimes she could be very vulnerable. There were times when she became so desperate and cried and I really wondered how many chapters left until she would leave the island. She's so real and I could feel her. I would be as desperate as her too if I were on the island for years like her. On the other hand, T.J. was childish but also could be very thoughtful. And he's so funny, especially on the beginning of their time on the island. But as the story went by, he gradually grew up and that's when I love him moaaarrrr... T.J. was such a perfect boyfriend material. He really loved Anna from the bottom of his heart and I really envy Anna for this. I want T.J. for myself!! *can I??*

The conflict was written smoothly and I do satisfied with the ending. I can't talk more about this since I don't want to spoil any further. You really have to enjoy it by yourself.

Overall, it was such a nice read. The story was great and it really offers something different than any other love stories out there. Worth to read. Nice job, Tracey Garvis Graves!

Recommended for all romance readers and beach lovers.

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  1. Aww.. cover-nya pantai. *.*
    Love it, Mbak! Makin yakin pengen baca buku ini. Cuman kapan belinya. Harganya wow banget. Hahaha.


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