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Title: Noah (5th Street #1)
Author: Elizabeth Reyes
Year Published: 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Price: USD 11.99

Veronica was 28, overweight, unemployed, and single. After 2 years taking care her mother who had cancer and later died, Roni felt her life was so doomed. Then came Nellie, her best friend, who persuaded Roni to go to the 5th street gym to get her back in shape and, hopefully, get her spirit back too.

Noah was 19. A promising young boxer but temporarily had to take a rest because of his injury. He then tried to be a trainer. And his first trainee was an overweight and unattractive lady.

Never crossed in Noah's and Roni's mind that they both would be attracted to each other but the time spent together at the gym had tied their emotions. And when the storm destroyed Noah's room at his foster family's house, made him have no place to live, and then Roni offered a room in her place, that's when the romance between them began to develop. Roni quickly loosing her weight and transformed to a sexy and beautiful woman and Noah really couldn't resist his feeling for her. Roni still tried to deny her feeling because of her and Noah's age gap. But who can resist a hot, sexy, and very determined guy like Noah? Especially when she met him everyday?

Suddenly, Roni's ex-boyfriend (who apparently was Noah's former headmaster) reappeared and tried to get Roni back. And he didn't even hesitate to reveal Noah's secret past to keep him away from Roni.

What secret did Noah keep? Who would Roni choose, Noah or her ex-boyfriend?

OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!! The love story is so sweet and I love Noah and Roni so much. They both are so cute and so perfectly fit together. I love the development of their relationship. It's not too quick and feels natural for me. I mean, Roni's hesitancy and denial to her feeling towards Noah is relatable because of their age gap. Just imagine, 28 y.o woman and 19 y.o man!! And Noah.. I love his commitment and determination. Although he's only 19, he's very mature indeed. I love every little time they spent together, especially when Noah tried to persuade Roni to use Iphone.

Also, I love how Elizabeth Reyes paid attention to every details about boxing world and every supporting characters in this book. Noah's best friends from the 5th street gym, Gio, Abel, and Hector are so fun and supporting friends. And I love Nellie too. Too bad she had a tragic story here.

Overall, I love this book. The romance portion is just right and the story building is great. And the love scene... Hmmm... I recommend this to all contemporary romance readers. Really hope that this book will be translated in Indonesian soon. I cannot wait to have the paperback copy.

Lastly, thanks for Elizabeth Reyes for giving me the e-book of Noah and Gio (5th Street #2). I'm waiting for Hector and Abel.

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  1. ya ampun, Naaa...udah baca aja gitu, aku juga pengen nyicip buku-bukunya Liz ini, ternyata emank bagus ya? aku sih cuman ngumpulin ebook dari web yang udah tutup itu, hehehehe.....

  2. hehe.. nyari ebooknya ga ketemu.. Punya ga, Na?

  3. Beda umurnya lebih 'sangar' On The Island ya?

    Pengen baca, tapi timbunanku mengerikan ;@


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