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The Truth about Forever

Title: The Truth about Forever
Author: Sarah Dessen
Publisher: Penguin Group
Year Published: 2004
Pages: 374
Price: USD 9.71 at The Book Depository

After her father's death, Macy lived her life focus on her study. Having a boyfriend who was smart and excelled in everything he did, Macy thought she had already got what needed to reach her goal. But one summer, her boyfriend, Jason, left her for the Brain Camp and asked Macy do his job at the library. Too bad, everyone in the library seemed like hating Macy. When Macy told about it to Jason, he unexpectedly asked Macy for a temporary break.

Heartbroken, Macy spontaneously joined Wish Catering, a catering that served one of her mother's party. There she met Delia, the owner, sisters Kristy and Monica, and brothers Bert and Wes. Doing a job in Wish Catering brought new ambiance to Macy. Her quiet and peaceful life soon changed to unpredictable and full of surprises life. And the most important of all, she finally found an opportunity to move on from her silent grieve after her father's death.

Would Macy finally find her way to move on? What would happen after Jason is back?

Such a beautiful and touching story from Sarah Dessen. It tells a story about life after loosing someone that we love, which is very relatable because at some point every body will feel it too. Not like her sister, Caroline, who expressed her grief for her father openly, Macy and her mother decided to keep it quietly for themselves. They didn't talk about it and even pretended like it never happened. Macy's mother drowned herself to her work on property while Macy felt like she had to study hard for the university (although she's only 16!). Macy never opened herself to anybody else, including Jason. Which is understandable because Jason was such a logic person and he really didn't buy such emotional thing.

Joining Wish Catering, Macy found other people who understand her feeling because they also had been in Macy's place. Delia had lost her sister, Wish, who was also Bert and Wes's mother. Kristy and Monica were also left by their parents. And most of all, they were not hiding their pain. They faced it together and moved on. In Wish Catering crews, Macy found a way to happiness without forgetting the memories of her dad.

I like every interaction that Macy had with the Wish Catering crews, especially with Delia and Wes. Delia, although very unorganized, was such a wise and kind person. And Wes.. What to dislike about this guy? At first he appeared to be this handsome but mysterious and unreachable guy. But after some times, we know him as a warm-hearted and understanding guy. I mean, OMG he's the definition of perfect guy. Every question and answer during Macy and Wes's Truth game is so honest and thoughtful and makes my heart fell more and more to this guy. 

I like how Sarah Dessen wrote such a realistic story. Every detail of the characters, including their way of thinking, made them feels like real. And she didn't make her characters flawless. I hate some characters but also can't hate them because they feel so real and I can totally understand why they are like that.

However, I feel like this book is so similar to Dessen's other work, Along for the Ride. Although Auden's dad is not dead like Macy's, their main problem are similar and the conflict is similar too. It feels like I reread Along for the Ride in some parts. And the funny thing is that before this, I had already thought that Along for the Ride had similarity to other Dessen's work too, This Lullaby, but in different aspect. 

Overall, it's still a nice read. The message is good and I guarantee that Wes will be able to make you feel sa-wooonnn!!!!

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  1. suka banget sama Sarah Dessen, berharap semua bukunya diterjemahin, btw buku ini udah ada terjemahannya belum sih? setauku cuman dua buku dari Elex

    Eh nana, ajarin bikin tulisan kayak punyamu seperti pinjem di reading walk itu dong, hehehe

    1. Katanya elex di twitter sih The Truth about Forever sedang diterjemahkan. Belum tau kapan keluar. Aku penasaran sama Lock & Key sama Dreamland nih.

      Ha.. maksudnya yang banner kotak di sidebar? Itu sih dasarnya sama kayak bikin header. Nanti deh aku cari tutorialnya yang simpel. hehe

  2. Semoga aku bisa koleksi semua buku karya Sarah Dessen, keren banget karya dan ceritanya.. suka :)

    1. Awwww bener banget!! Seneng ketemu fans Sarah Dessen lain. hehe


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